San Antonio and Beyond

June 27th, 2010

The only way to describe this trip is “beyond”.  This was to be a trip to visit San Antonio, but in fact so much was done beyond that city.  It seems now at the end that the “beyond” part was the most amazing.

IMG_8467 This is the “going away” trip for our international friends with the CCID program who have attended Lone Star College this year.  On this trip we all got to see some new and different parts of Texas.

We did the usual things in San Antonio and then moved on the “off the map” adventure.

So for now just a list:  Six Flags Fiesta Texas , Downtown San Antonio River Walk, the Alamo, Enchanted Springs Ranch with its Gun Twirling and Whip Snapping Show, the Old Kendall Inn, Medina River in Bandera (swimming in our clothes!), Natural Bridges Cavern, and the famous Texas Painted Churches.  Not to mention two (2) soccer viewing parties, and some unique and interesting places to eat along the way – even Buckee’s.  Oh…. you should try shaved ice on a hot evening!!  It’s great.

IMG_8474 We even had some one “arrested” for spittin’. 

Only one arrest for a Texas Trip—not bad.

Thanks to everyone who came and made is a very special trip.  Thanks to our planners, drivers, and navigators.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

So click somewhere here for a slide show of the pictures for the trip.

International Coffee Haus.

Going up Country…

June 13th, 2010

I’m going up the country, babe don’t you wanna go?
I’m going up the country, babe don’t you wanna go?
I’m going to some place where I’ve never been before.

And thanks to the folk at Lone Star College, we all took our international friends “up country” to get a real Texas Education
This was our “Austin Trip” but we did more than just visit Austin.  So here is a quite rundown.
IMG_8180 Leaving Houston, we made our first stop at the Blue Bell Ice Cream World Headquarters.  This is the best ice cream in Texas and or course also the best in the world.  We had a great tour and witnessed all the work that goes into making this ice cream.  It was also a great lesson in marketing getting to understand how a small creamery has grown.  We did get free ice cream.

Next up we stopped by Round Top and made a quick visit to the “Round Top Festival Institute”.  This is something to write home about.  Out in the middle of no where is this magnificent place.  It looks like some place out of a picture book.  The main concert hall is stunning.  Musicians from all over the world have convened here to perform and study.  We had a chance to see one group practicing.  Today was practice, the opening concert was tomorrow.  Maybe next time we will be there to see a complete performance.

IMG_8189 Next stop Austin.  We managed to find a “dive” that served only pizza.  It had a great view of the capital just down the street.  After lunch our timing was perfect, a tour was starting just as we arrived.  We learned a lot of Texas history.  It was also special on this tour to see the new underground annex to the Capital.

Still going, we made it to the “Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.”  This is a relatively new museum devoted only to things Texas.  On a whim we added the “Spirit Theater”.  That was a thrill and quite inspirational.  Everyone screamed when they had the rattle snake bite us!  Not to mention being in the middle of a hurricane.  Hard to explain.

IMG_8198 Next up a great dinner view at the Oasis to watch the sunset.  You haven’t seen the sun set until you see it set in Texas!  And another surprise…there were motorcycle everywhere.  And they kept arriving into town.  This was the “Republic of Texas” 2010 Biker Rally.  This is the largest motorcycle rally in the country.  Over 200,000 motorcycle enthusiast attend the event. 

IMG_8213We finished with ice cream at “Amy’s” which is a local ice cream establishment.

Ok, then the next morning we started with the “LBJ Presidential Library” followed by a walk to a local coffee bar to see some of the highlights of the World Cup.

Next up was a road trip that had nothing but cattle, oil wells, and land as far as the eye could see.  Nothing else.  Like the old song:

I saw miles and miles of Texas, all the stars up in the sky;
I saw miles and miles of Texas, gonna live here till I die.

A stop for lunch at an internationally known Texas “dive” in College Station.  The “Dixie Chicken”!  Here we had some grub and watched the United States play a tied game with England in the World Cup.  This is definitely Texas!

IMG_8236A nice tour of the George Bush Library rounded out the day with everyone getting a letter signed by George Bush. 

So that was quite a two day tour! 

You can click here it see a nice slide show of some of the pictures.

Thanks again to the folks at the Lone Star College for working up this great adventure and hope to see everyone at our next event.

International Cultural Exchange

Dynamos Forever Orange

May 29th, 2010

houston-dynamo-logo Let’s go Dynamo’s, let’s go Dynamo’s.  Forever Orange!

So we went to a Dynamo’s soccer game, had a tailgate party both before and after the game.  We were all showing the “orange” at the game.

IMG_8049And free soccer balls for everyone!

Our team lost but, as it is said, “They didn’t lose the game, they were merely outscored!”

Check out the pictures by clicking here.

It was great to see everyone at the game and hope to see you next time.

International Cultural Exchange