Fulbright Fun

IMG00331Last night the International Cultural Exchange took some of the CCID students and international friends to the annual Fulbright Arts Festival.  More than that, three of the CCID students staged a performance. 

It was great fun.  There was a evening of songs, poems, dancing, and performances.

IMG00348For us the highlight was a stunning and insightful performance by our own Nigi and Songi from South Africa.  They gave the audience an entertaining look at small town life in South Africa.  Though song, dance, music, poetry and video they entranced the full auditorium with their show.

The songs in the show were also well know by almost all the folks in the audience who were from Africa.  They sang along with Nigi’s performance.

There were some great performances from around the world that everyone enjoyed.

See you at our next event.

International Cultural Exchange