CCID Team Visits Downtown


It’s nice to be able to get around town and do some exploring. 

IMG_9174 So today, the team had an introduction to the Houston Metro and Downtown Houston.

We hit the “park and ride” early which is where the bus line starts. 

The bus landed us in the middle of downtown and from there we hit some of the interesting parts of the city. 

IMG_9191We managed to visit:  the Houston Visitor Center (the largest of its kind in the US), the sky view in one of the tallest buildings, the Houston Tunnel System (how folks who work downtown walk, shop, and eat ), the Houston Metro Rail, the Museum of Fine Arts, etc. etc.

IMG_9205By the end of the day we were tired and glad we could rest in the bus as we made our way home.

And a special thanks our International Cultural Exchange volunteer team for their planning and guided tours.

Check out the slide show of our pictures by clicking here

International Cultural Exchange